NCRA's Ethics First Program

The Code of Ethics for TCRA adheres to what was adopted by NCRA, and establishes guidelines all reporters should follow in their daily business affairs. In 1993 NCRA adopted a policy that prohibits giving excessive gifts to attorneys, clients, witnesses, insurance companies, or other participants in the legal setting.  The policy was established because the Board of Directors felt the practice of providing gifts undermines the integrity of the reporting profession and status of the reporter as a neutral and impartial officer of the court.  The opinion has evolved through the years.  

The Ethics First Program was created in an effort to encourage reporters to promote the impartiality and neutrality of our reporting profession and avoid inappropriate gift giving and gift acceptance.  A logo has been created for use by NCRA members in support of this Ethics First Program.  Please go to NCRA's website for the complete details of this program.   Once there, you may view the terms of use of the logo and, also, download the logo to use and proudly display on your written materials to show your participation in this program.