The need to communicate is so basic that the lack of it is almost an inconceivable idea.  However, there are millions of people who struggle to communicate in everyday situations. These people do not take for granted the necessity of communication and staying in touch.

      Many steps have been taken to bridge the lines of communication for those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.  TTY phones are more available than ever.  American Sign Language classes are springing up across the country.  Advancements in technology help hearing aid and cochlear implant recipients join traditional means of communication.

      Broadcast captioning and CART are also opening these lines of dialogue. The world of television, for entertainment purposes as well as world news coverage and safety information, has been opened to those who were previously excluded (Lane, Hoffmeister, and Bahan 435-6).  The classroom and the world are opening wide to students who use CART to learn.

      Helping to open these lines of communication is my goal as a broadcast captioning and CART student.  I will not be a teacher, a doctor, or a priest.  But through my work, I can open doors to all of these people. I will not teach math, but through my work, a student may learn algebra (Robson 236-8; “Educational Setting” 9-10).  I will not examine a patient, but through my work, a woman may gain health (Robson 165).  I will not preach sermons, but through my work, a man may find spirituality (Robson 256-7).  The door to the world is opened through captioning and CART.

      In addition, I truly enjoy the process of stenography.  I enjoy the exploration of language and word parts, prefixes and inflected endings.  The words we use to communicate say a lot about us, so to speak.  Building a sentence is an exercise in the search for hidden jewels.  Many an “Um” and “Uh” are uttered as evidence to this excavation process.  As a captioner and CART provider, I will witness this dazzling quest.  I will watch as our language evolves, as new words are added to our vernacular and older ones are retired.  I will watch and write as these words are used to describe and explain the unfolding events of the world.  I will have a front row seat to history.

      From the moment I heard about the broadcast captioning and CART program at my school, I have been fascinated.  From that day forward, my path has been set and my goal a shining light, guiding me forward.  The path is difficult now, but the rewards beckon to me from ahead, keeping me in motion.  I feel lucky to be a part of this incredible program, and I feel honored that I will be able to help others with my work.

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